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Step 1: Get ready

Have your AEP Ohio account number (first 10-digit only) ready. This information can be located at the very top of your AEP Ohio bill.

Collect your contractor invoice, which must include:
  • Equipment make, indoor, outdoor, and furnace model #s for each unit installed
  • Date of installation
  • Cost of equipment

Scan your invoice(s) to upload to your online application. An example of how this information should be displayed on your invoice is available here. Please contact your contractor if any of the above listed information is missing on your invoice, as this will delay the processing of your rebate application if submitted with incomplete information.

If you are applying for an air source heat pump, ductless heat pump, ground source heat pump, or heat pump water heater, you will need:
  • AHRI Certificate of Product Ratings for the equipment installed at home. An example of an AHRI Certificate has been provided here as a reference.


Step 2: Verify your eligibility

Eligibility Requirements (all HVAC rebates):
  • You are an AEP Ohio residential customer with an individually-metered account. Available for freestanding homes or attached homes in blocks of 2-8.
  • A contractor on the AEP Ohio participating contractor list must install the new equipment in addition to the furnace model if installed.
  • Rebate applications must be submitted within 30 days of equipment installation date and must be submitted no later than 9/30/2020.
  • New construction is not eligible for these rebates
  • Purchase price of equipment must exceed rebate amount

Equipment Efficiency Requirements (all that apply):
BEFORE (Removed) AFTER (Installed)
Maximum SEER: 13 Minimum SEER: 15
Maximum HSPF: 7.7 Minimum HSPF: 8.5
  Minimum EER: 12.5

Step 3: Start your application

After your application is reviewed and approved you will receive your rebate in approximately 6-8 weeks.